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100 // When People Have An Opinion On Your Body Or What You Eat

September 20, 2019

It can be one of the hardest things to get negative thoughts out of your own head, it's even worse when someone is saying them in the physical world too. It can be a significant other, family member, or even just a critical passer-by. We can’t let a negative comment become an internalized thought. 

Notice it. Be aware of it. Reframe it. And switch it. 

Don’t let it affect your reality in a negative way.

Manifestation is about bringing the unconscious thought process to the conscious so that you can become aware of it. So when your thoughts are changing or being affected by negativity, you are aware enough to be able to change it.

Many people try to use negative as their motivation for weight loss. To be able to prove the person who said the negative comment wrong. But this isn’t sustainable motivation and it will not end well for you. This motivation does not come from an easy place.

Now, I am not telling you to bottle up these comments and not to feel them. This will not help you either. It is ok to feel your feelings about the comment. It’s actually the healthiest thing for you. Feel them, and then move past them.

Remember, those who will be critical of your body are most likely critical of their own body too.

Build confidence in your own body.

You build your own reality. Do not let it be skewed by critical words.

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