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104 // How Your Self-Esteem Is Affecting Your Weight Loss

October 8, 2019

Our emotions directly influence our self-esteem. In turn, both emotions and self-esteem can affect your weight loss journey. It did for me.

It can be easy to run away from your emotions, to bury yourself in emotional eating or addiction to other things instead. It can be easy to see the world as black and white and assume that others do the same as well. That others are seeing you and judging you and OMG what could they be thinking of you.

And all of this can ruin your self-esteem and in turn your weight loss journey.

The way you see the world in one aspect of your life can easily bleed through to all the others. The way that you see yourself in the mirror is reflected in the way you think others think about you, which then controls your dieting mentality. Maybe you are stressed at work, so in turn, you come to food or chocolate for comfort when you are home as a way to cope with the day.

Pushing away emotions in other aspects of your life can ruin your weight loss journey.

But, at the same time, working on your image of yourself in other areas of your life can also assist in your weight loss. 

So don’t label yourself and push yourself into corners emotionally. Ignore the voice in your head that tells you that you have to be perfect 24/7. You are NOT going to be perfect in everything. So release your shame and mistakes.

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