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106 // Trust Yourself with Food

October 23, 2019

Trusting myself around food was a massive thing for me. It’s such a massive part of manifesting your weight loss. Wrapping your mind around manifestation can take a bit. You have to practice awareness and bring yourself gently back when you notice that you have not been aware of the item of your focus for a little bit.


It’s being the observer and not just reacting to everything or every memory.

When you are becoming a vibration match to what you want, you start to form new habits slowly. But it takes a certain amount of focusing to really implement. When you want to trust yourself, but know you have “failed” in the past, it can hold you back.

Instead, you need to re-frame that memory. You made a mistake in the past, but you can change your future.

Just because you choose to believe you can trust yourself around food, doesn’t mean you will wake up tomorrow with great habits. Things take a while to manifest in your life. But by trusting yourself now, you soften your mindset to be able to let the habits just be there. At the end of the day, if you want to trust yourself fully, you have to either just trust yourself OR trust that something higher than yourself will guide you.

Don’t focus on the lack. Focus on what you want.

Don’t just give up all boundaries around food. Giving up is getting rid of all your boundaries. And Dieting mentality makes you think that you either have to overeat or restrict yourself. But Moderation is the in-between and energy that you need.

By giving yourself permission to do less, you can just enjoy life and relax. Not feel like you need to fill the nothing with food.

In manifestation, you have to tell yourself you can trust yourself BEFORE you actually can.

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