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108 // Your Weight Is NOT Your Relationship Status

November 2, 2019

Do you tell yourself that your weight is why you are single?

This is a fallacy that I hear again and again in my coaching and courses. Your weight is NOT why you are single. But it can be a reality that you are manifesting for yourself. There are so many reasons why this can be a problem in your journey and life.

First off, there is no correlation to weight and relationships. There are overweight people in happy marriages and thin people who are single.

You have to look into the stories that you are telling yourself. Are you telling yourself that you will only be desirable once you have lost weight? Because then that is the reality that you are creating for yourself. You have control of your reality. Change your mindset and things may change.

Second, this belief can also turn your weight into something that you hide behind. That if you lose the weight that you want to, and are still single, then something else is wrong with you. This is also the wrong mindset to have!

Things about yourself that in your mind you have deemed un-loveable might be exactly what someone else loves!

Remember, you attract what is within you. What is happening to you is a reflection of what is going on within your mind.

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