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115 // You Won’t Always Love Yourself & That’s Okay.

December 17, 2019

You won't always have positive thoughts about your body.

You are never going to be able to fully get rid of your ego, negative emotions, or the little voice inside your head whispering what’s wrong with your body. 

And that’s Ok.

You are NEVER done doing the work to learn how to love yourself correctly. There are so many little facets of yourself that you can focus on. Every little piece of your body. Every part of your personality. So much to discover and uncover in yourself. And you won’t love everything or see it all at once.

Even when you lose weight, you will still fluctuate. But guess what, your feelings about your weight don’t have to. And that’s the mindset that you have to get into.

There will be moments that you get triggered, but that won’t give you the energy you need in your life. So you learn to redirect that thought and not focus on it.

Don’t beat yourself up on a negative thought that passes through your mind.

You won’t get rid of them. You just learn to not focus on them.

But it doesn’t mean anything that it’s there. You have not been taken back in progress because of it. You just let the thought float by and not dwell on it.

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