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118 // Your Mindset is the Foundation.

December 27, 2019

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Let’s drop back to about 10 years ago, I was OBSESSED with getting the line on my stomach that I have now. To the point that I drove my then-boyfriend nuts talking about the foods I couldn’t eat because of the current diet I was on and always being negative about my body.

But that isn’t who I am anymore.

Now I am a naturally slim person and its permanent. This is who I am now!

I have learned that I create my reality and that is what I want for you too! No amount of action makes up for misalignment. You have to bring these thoughts into your conscious mind and focus on them every day.

My Current Mindset: My Body Gets Better & Better with Age.

The more you open yourself up to manifestation, the more you will surprise yourself. I am not “better” at manifestation than you, I’ve just been doing it longer. So let’s get started on your mindset!

Your mindset is key & the foundation of who you are. Let YOUR beliefs be the first thing you focus on every day.

Manifestation takes repetition. Repetition takes Time.

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