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119 // You Can Have Body Positivity and Still Want to Lose Weight

January 12, 2020

Does being body positive mean that you can no longer want to lose weight?

I strongly feel like being body positive doesn’t mean that you have to limit yourself to always be exactly as you are right now. You also don’t have to be stuck in your current body just because of past eating disorders either. It is so limiting to believe that your past makes it so you can’t have a healthy relationship with losing weight or food in the future.

Dieting can bring up feelings of deprivation, fear, and negative emotions. But it doesn’t always have to be done with these negative vibes.

Losing weight can be a positive process too!

You have to become a vibrational match with the body you want to have before you can have that body, and the best way is to be positive about the body that you have now! To have the self-love needed to want to enjoy working on yourself.

Just remember, that what you really want is to be free from negative emotion. Changing your thought process around food and losing weight is the best way to do that.


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