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124 // Don’t Feel Bad if You Don’t Lose Weight Immediately

February 14, 2020

One of the biggest problems with quick result diets is that you are rarely dropping actual fat weight right away. You are in an extreme calorie deficit and usually drop water weight and stored glycogen.

This instant fix is an easy thing to get addicted to, and then can make you feel like a failure if the weight comes back at all.

When you are constantly in a calorie deficit, your body worries about starving. This is why I teach my 1on1 clients how to strategically re-feed your body while losing weight to reassure your body that it isn’t starving.

You have to respect your body & that it has specific functions.

You can’t place a ton of meaning on every single time that your body gains back some weight. This reinforces your limiting beliefs about what you can and cannot have to eat in your life. But you don’t have to be limited like that. It is all in the meaning that you have given a purely natural part of losing weight.

Weight Loss is NEVER linear. Fluctuations are a part of your natural weight loss journey.


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