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126 // How Body Positivity & Weight Loss Can Co-Exist

March 1, 2020

Multiple truths are allowed to co-exist at the same time.

There are many people who run in body positivity groups who don’t believe that you can still want to lose weight while being positive about where you are as well. But it makes people practice the exact practice that they are trying to avoid.

You don’t have to think in black and white.

I understand that many of these things can trigger someone. Talking about calories, diets, or even just mentioning the words weight loss. But what I have found is that through working into what triggers you, you can find healing.

You can work into these triggers to gain true diet trauma healing.

Black and White thinking does not help anyone.

I don’t allow my belief system to be so limited. I bend my beliefs to work for me instead.

You don’t have to feel powerless and only choose one or the other.

You simply get to make up the rules and get what you desire.

Become your own best friend.

I am loving the energy that 1:1 clients are giving me! For that reason, I am opening up another spot for 1:1 coaching with me. It includes individual daily Voxer access and weekly individual Zoom meetings. We would through your weight loss and manifestation blocks to get you the results you are looking for.

One of my latest clients completed all of her goals within three months of us working together!

This could be you!

Let me know if you would love to work together by emailing or DMing me directly on my Instagram,

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