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127 // Don’t Give Up Right Before It Works

March 5, 2020

People filter their reality through their personal belief systems and personal truths. It’s why it is so easy for people to argue, they see their realities differently.

But these filters can also be what puts you into a mental stall around your weight loss.

Your brain likes to remind you how it has failed in the past. That the only way you have actually lost weight previously was to restrict and deprive yourself. Your Ego tells you that that is the only way you will ever lose weight is to do those things and you hated those things, so you will NEVER lose weight again.

It is why people often give up on manifesting weight loss RIGHT before they start achieving success.

They think that the results are taking too long because we are all addicted to the quick fix that fad diets can give us. Quick fixes will never give us what we want though. They don’t have the same long term effects like slow and sustained weight loss will.

The only reason weight loss is hard is because you have always trusted the wrong systems.

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