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132 // Uncovering Hunger

April 25, 2020

I started the Manifesting Dolls podcast because I spent so much of my life learning this stuff about diets and weight loss. And I discovered a better way to do it all.

Maybe you have tried diets before and they failed. Or left you feeling deprived. And I don’t want that for you anymore.

If you gain the weight back or it is unsustainable, you need to add something to your journey.

Nutrition is just a PART of your journey.

90-95% of what you do is from your subconscious. No matter how disciplined you are in your conscious life, you can’t win with only 5-10% of your brain determined when 90-95% of your brain is fighting against that.

So is your hunger in alignment with your weight goals?

I’ve frequently used the term emotional eating on this podcast and in my content, but I truly believe that this term comes off too narrow for what I am actually talking about.

Emotional eating doesn’t always mean that you have an emotion under your eating, but it can be any kind of trigger. You have to understand your eating behaviors to finally lose weight.

“Hunger” is the word used to describe the sensation of needing food. But hunger or needing food is a complex multi-dimensional perception that is not only influenced by your gastrointestinal factors. Social and conditioning factors also influence your sensation of needing food and your eating behaviors.

The hardest part of losing weight is not understanding the social & conditioned factors influencing you.


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