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133 // Gaining Consistency Around Food

June 23, 2020

When you lack consistency in one area of your life, it can spread to others.

There is a lesson to be seen in everything. One thing that I learned while taking this break from the podcast was that childhood wounds can be a big part of your future struggle with weight loss and many other areas of your life.

Take for example when your Ego is using the term Always. As in “you will/have always failed at xyz”

This usually comes from a deep childhood wound. This can also be dependency on food or other people and many other things.

When I look at why I struggled with weight in the past, I knew my biggest issue was really consistency.

The chronic dieter is All or Nothing. Either doing great and really on top of things or completely spiraling and really off. One of the biggest issues with this is that there is more to life to deal with than only focusing on losing weight.

When I was on, what I was doing wasn’t sustainable.

The energy required to try to sustain this kind of behavior was too hard to maintain and lead to a lack of consistency.

I am consistent now because I have selected methods that are sustainable.

Now, this method isn’t always the fastest weight-loss method, but it is longer lasting.

My Weight Doesn’t Determine My Worth!

In dieting, there is  A LOT of pressure to perform. This is a giant trigger for perfectionism and negative emotions that stem from that. Frequently, this then leads to self-sabotage as your ego tries to protect you from possible failure. And instead talks you into not even trying.

Consistency is deeper than discipline.


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