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134 // The Problem with Striving to Feel Light

July 3, 2020

I want to build a strong foundation for you to lose weight and maintain your ideal weight. And it’s exactly what I aim to set up for you in The No Diet Babe Academy. You don’t have to be completely “on” in your diet or completely “off.” There is a different frequency you can be on. It doesn’t have to be these extremes. 

The yo-yo dieting journey, or chronic dieter, is characterized by three things.

1 || Thinking about weight A LOT.

2 || Always working on losing weight.

3 || They fluctuate in weight A LOT.

The fluctuations happen because there is something going on with your mindset with food.

As a chronic dieter, the expectation is taht physical change happens fast. But going into a calorie deficit can take 6-12 weeks to start seeing a change. It isn’t instantaneous.

Accept where you are in your weight loss journey and stop looking for the quick fix.

Striving for lightness or emptiness starts to tip toe around eating disorder thinking. You basically start to dislike the feeling of food in your body.

I don’t strive for lightness anymore.

I trained myself to enjoy food in my body instead and eating in a consistent way. If you are still wanting this feeling of being light, start to question your reasons behind wanting to feel light. Is there an energy of urgency? Are you wanting to duplicate the quick fix that will most likely put yourself back in this spot again?

It’s time to see a different solution. You have to learn to think differently to become a vibrational match.


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