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136 // Why We Resist Mindful Eating

July 31, 2020

Doing surface-level work isn’t sustainable when it comes to weight loss.


You have to dig into the deeper mind work. Understand yourself as a person and how you operate. 


So when it comes to mindful, slow eating, there are many layers to look at why we struggle with this concept. And I say we because it is something that I still have to be mindful about. I wouldn’t say that I struggle with it any longer, but I have to be mindful of being mindful while eating.


Our natural reactions when we think of weight loss are to look for simple answers. I can eat this, but I can’t eat that. I have to work out this much every week to lose weight. But that ignores the bigger picture and is why it doesn’t work.


The big picture is healing your relationship to food.


Weight loss is a bonus that comes with it. So it’s time to be honest with yourself. What are you focusing on? How are you making yourself a vibrational match to your weight loss?


Our behaviors are driven by the mental payoff that we get when we do something. So if your mind sees more benefit in shutting off over being mindful while you are eating, that is what it will do. This is a form of emotional eating.


The filter of your reality is your belief system.




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