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142 // Weight Loss Challenge Replay Day 3

September 23, 2020



Today I'm going through some of the things that are coming up from the homework from all of you that are participating in the challenge.

Working hard, weight loss means pain, I feel like I can't have it all, I don't want to stop eating what I like, I feel like I will never lose weight - These are some of the snippets from the homework that I found while sorting through and I want to talk about this with you.

Fun fact: You all are the same as I used to be and you all are very similar with what you are going through. These feelings are normal, trust me.

I credit where I am now to everything that I am teaching you through this challenge and all of my courses. This stuff works when you work it.

When you say things like "I am associating weight loss with pain, struggle and deprivation." That an association you have created and a self fulfilling prophecy. 

You have to change your perception in order to change your reality. You have to change your perception in order to change your experience.

You can overcome it. It's a process, but it is totally possible for you.


ALSO BABE: Take the manifestation work even deeper with Emerge. Manifesting weight loss is about your emotions in relationship to your body, hunger, fullness and food decisions. The work in Emerge is what I and others have used to lose weight and keep it off. 


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