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143 // Weight Loss Challenge Replay Day 4

September 26, 2020

Day 4 Replay!

Day 4 is about really getting this into your head: You are at the weight you are currently at because of the stories that you are currently a match to.

This challenge is a process of shifting your beliefs and emotions about yourself. It's also accepting the ego, accepting the negative thoughts and not making them mean that you are screwed up or that you are doing something wrong or that you are on the wrong path.. because you aren't.


It's okay to honor how you feel about it right now rather than beating yourself up about where you are.

If you focus on your energy you can implement all that I am teaching you for weight loss. The ego is going to tell you that you cannot do it but that is not true. Remember, the negative voice inside your head is a liar.

Manifesting isn't about getting instant success, it's about spiritual growth. If you keep going you can experience the same level as success that myself and all of my clients have experienced, I promise.

ALSO BABE: Take the manifestation work even deeper with Emerge. Manifesting weight loss is about your emotions in relationship to your body, hunger, fullness and food decisions. The work in Emerge is what I and others have used to lose weight and keep it off. 


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