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147 // Tips for the Christmas Holiday If You’ve Gained Weight During the Pandemic

December 14, 2020

Have you gained weight during the pandemic and during this year? I know that for a lot of you, this year was really, really tough. We have been in isolation. If any of you were in isolation, you might be telling me that because I was stuck at home and bored, I have gained weight for whatever those reasons may be.

Maybe you are super anxious about going to Christmas parties or having people you know seeing that you gained weight because you’ve been hiding at home.

Do you want to know what to do about the anxiety of seeing people, and also where to go from here and moving forward in 2021?

Why don’t we go beyond the traditional way to lose weight and look at the potential to create whatever reality you want.Maybe you felt stuck, claustrophobic, bored, depressed, or any of the kinds of negative emotions that come with isolation.

The first step is to really assess how you’re going about these holidays. Because if you are desperately trying to find a way to lose weight quickly and are stuck in this quick fix mentality - like losing water weight, skipping meals and then binging at the parties with food and drinks, then you may need to reassess. If you continue that mindset, you’re just reinforcing those long-term habits that keep you in the yo yo dieting schedule.

Imagine saying to yourself, this is the last Christmas ever that I’m going to feel like this, and the last Christmas that I set a weight loss goal for the next year. Can you imagine a reality where you never ever have to set a weight loss goal because you’ve kept it off. That is what I experience. I don’t have to set a weight loss goal each year because I maintain the same weight. This is the reality I wanted because it’s exhausting to have to do it over and over again. I teach people to create this reality as well.


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