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148 // Emotional Eater? Or Just Storing Emotional Weight

December 23, 2020

You know when you have those emotions. When you feel inadequate, you feel inferior, and you loathe yourself and you want to hide and disappear? 

You think that the solution is to lose weight. Because you feel exposed, you feel humiliated, they can see your flaws. Your brain has come to the conclusion that if I lose weight, I will get rid of this emotion of shame. And people will love me.

A lot of people say, “I’m not an emotional eater.”

That’s fine. But there are still emotions involved as to why you are holding on to weight or fluctuating weight.

Emotional eating isn’t the best term to use when describing this. But it’s really about shifting your emotional relationship to food in your body. Another way to describe it is determining the reason why people hold on to weight. 

The foundation of everything in life is our emotions.

What does it look like to have an obsession with your weight? It looks like you've been trying to do the task of losing weight for years.

Perhaps sometimes you've even succeeded. But the majority of the time you feel helpless. You cycle between periods of being successful, and being unsuccessful. And during your periods of being unsuccessful, you want to run from your body.

You'll have episodes where you feel so uncomfortable in your body that you just want to find something or someone that can make it go away. That is a sure sign that there is emotional shit that you're running from 100%.

Your ability to feel comfortable and confident in your body has nothing to do with your weight. It's got to do with the pathways in your brain. It has to do with the emotions involved with eating.

When you embark on manifesting weight loss, and you start doing this work, you are going to start to have such a profound amount of understanding about yourself. You will have healing and you will get better and you will improve all areas of your life and eventually lose weight as well. Because the issue with weight loss is always coming back to emotions.


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