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150// Can You Manifest Without Taking Action Towards Weight Loss?

February 1, 2021

Do you think it's possible to defy science with manifestation and make the impossible possible? 


Is it possible to manifest (aka think) my way into my dream body by never exercising, not trying to eat healthy, and sitting on the couch and gorging on junk food all day?


Can the power of manifestation be used to defy science in this way?


Here’s the thing:


Never exercising, not wanting to eat healthy, and wanting to eat junk food all day are signs of emotional issues. There are so many layers to this. Food and weight issues are just secondary to the original issues you might have. Learning to deal with and cope with past traumas is the real issue. You develop so many coping mechanisms like obsessions with diet, exercise, and weight gain. But healing those relationships to food and trusting your body needs to come first.


If you are really healed from your childhood trauma, you won’t desire to gorge on junk food all day. Not that you will be perfect and never have an issue again, but if you are healed from the emotional issues, you won’t desire these things.


Your true essence is wanting to live, wanting to be happy, and wanting to move your body. If you are your highest self version, you wouldn’t operate from this place of wanting to sit on the couch and george on junk food all day, every day. 


Group Coaching is one of the most amazing, exciting experiences. I’ve seen so many women transform through the power of group coaching and my voxer support.

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We will be doing all aspects of manifesting weight loss from understanding why we develop weight issues, healing the trauma, inner child work, and healing the relationship to food.


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