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153 // What To Do When You Have Brain Fog

June 24, 2021

Feeling some sort of heaviness? What about an inability to take action? Just not able to get clarity?


I call this Brain Fog.


Maybe you’re trying to lose weight and you just feel confused or overwhelmed. You don’t really know what steps to take or what actions come next. That can be brain fog.


Brain fog can mean that sometimes you really beat yourself up with the mentality of getting things done. For instance, get up off the couch, go to the gym, get groceries, and meal prep, and get your shit together. Making yourself feel terrible.


Sometimes you might see headlines about not eating too much and being disciplined which can lead to some huge brain fog in this area. Those headlines don’t take into account binge eating because of being too disciplined, traumas around food, or different relationships.


An inability to take action in all of these things or mindlessly going through life wondering what to do next is what I might consider brain fog. You might be stuck in a rut, or frozen. You lack clarity, feel overwhelmed, and are constantly wondering where the time has gone and what to do next. 


This isn’t just a weight loss thing. This is universal to money, relationships, weight loss, etc. So, how do we overcome it and clear the mental fog?


Well, we need to do the mindset and the trauma work. We need to heal. Don’t try to run a marathon when you have a broken leg. You have to get past the clarity block before you can overcome the brain fog.


I have found this amazing device called Healy and it’s absolutely changed my life. This is a medical device that you hook onto your wrists and it sends a current of energy to yourself. There are loads of different programs that have specific frequencies that can help you realize what stages you are in and help you in your healing.

I have an amazing deal for you with Healy for the next five days. I’m not making any claims about what it can do, I’m just speaking of my wonderful experience with it! The link is below. It adds the discount at the cart and you can DM me.



If you are interested in joining me, head to the link below to sign up while the Academy is on sale. This goes into the deeper belief systems and the core reasons why you hold on to weight. This will give you the confidence around your food decisions and assist you in healing the constant cycle of yo yo dieting and binge eating. This sale is on for the rest of June!


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