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154 // Yes! You Can Manifest Your Body Too!

August 12, 2021

I've noticed this trend going on recently. People have mastered an area of their life through manifestation. Maybe they manifested their dream home, their partner, a car, or an outfit they've been looking for. But when it comes to weight loss, they say it doesn't work for that.

The laws of the universe don't just suddenly adjust themselves for weight loss. If you are paying attention to your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, than it doesn't mean that it is working while you are visualizing yourself living in your dream home and not when you want to lose weight. 

Manifestation is about action. It means that there is an alignment between your actions, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs because action is behavior.

When you take action to search for a job, find a new house on the internet, or meet your soulmate through online dating, that is a behavior. 

Behaviors come from thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. So it all goes hand in hand. 

If you are doing something like starting a business, a lot more action has to go into all the steps it takes to get started. With weight loss, there is a lot less action that has to happen. 

You already eat every day, so it is nothing extra. Initially the first few months will be a lot of work and require lots of action. But after a few months, it will become natural to you and you will lose that long term dieting mentality.

Emotional eating is pretty easy to overcome, I've see it in my clients. Lots of people gain weight because of emotions. You over eat when you're sad, you eat more when you're happy, etc. We help you treat the root of the weight, which is emotional eating.

There's an attachment to food that is very difficult to break when you're an emotional eater. 


If you're wondering, how do I manifest weight loss, then I have the course for you. My most comprehensive weight loss manifestation course is called Emerge and it is available right now for over $200 off when you pay in full. I haven't offered it at this price in years!

If you've always been trying to lose weight but something's always getting in the way or you tend to self sabotage and you just can't execute it. Maybe there's some kind of block you have that you're carrying around, have anxiety around food decisions, or feel depressed. This course is going to help you put an end to all that.


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