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39 // Should You Count Calories?

January 17, 2019

How to decide if you should be counting calories. How to combine a weight loss strategy with law of attraction.


There are so many strategies for weight loss and I want women to understand that it isn’t about copying how someone else eats and that it’s about working with your requirements and your mindset.


Everyone's food/energy requirement is different. Everyone’s emotional requirements around strategy is different.


I used to and still can feel my appetite rising if I tell myself I have to go on a diet, which is where calorie counting can be detrimental if you hold a lot of trauma around dieting. But the calorie counting itself is not the problem. It’s the relationship to dieting that is the issue and the dieting mindset and poor relationship to food.


The key to a weight loss strategy is that it feels easy and makes you feel abundant around food. The way you perceive a weight loss tool will determine whether or not you will stick to it.


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