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99 // Overwhelmed With Weight Loss Information?

September 16, 2019

It’s time to think strategically for your weight loss. So you go to the internet and start learning everything that you can about practical tips and stories of people who have had success. 

While this can seem like a good way to start, what is it actually doing to your mindset?

As you start to take in too much information and start to focus too much on strategy, this can all end in striving for perfectionism and creating rules that don’t work you. Which then ruins your chances at long term success as you become stressed and eventually give up.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you can’t use any practical advice to lose weight. Practical advice has its place and of course, is useful, but when you give yourself information overload, that is where people often want to and do give up.

You have to pick a strategy that is sustainable for you!

Weight loss isn’t quick. It needs to be a plan that you can do long term. Actual fat loss takes weeks and months to lose. Quick fixes are most likely making you lose water and muscle and won’t continue long term.

Overwhelm makes it easy to give up.

When we are in alignment with ourselves, we naturally set our bodies on the course to how they should be. Be this maintenance when you are already sitting at your bodies ideal weight, or a natural calorie deficit to get to your ideal weight.

Things naturally want to live and grow. If it isn’t, it is because we are blocking it in some way or another. Same with weight loss. Fighting that block is when we get the most overwhelmed.


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