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157// Do Your Beliefs Create Your Weight?

December 27, 2021

Unpopular opinion, the only thing between you and your dream body is your mind. In saying that, I’m not saying that reprogramming your subconscious mind is an easy feat, however, it creates your weight. 


The story of your weight will feel real to you, because you are fused to your beliefs, meaning -  you have a feeling that the thoughts in your head are “just how it is”.

You may have been told that weight is a result of your genes or your hormones, as if it’s separate from your control - but it’s not, it’s all in your control. My mission is always to expand, not limit you!


I also share a real time lesson of feeling deserving of your manifestations and why we sometimes reject what we want because we feel afraid to lose it.


Listen to this episode if you need to reignite your belief in the power of creating your reality around your weight and manifesting weight loss




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