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149 // Your Diet May Be Failing For This Reason

December 30, 2020

Are your thoughts preoccupied with food and weight? Maybe they are consumed with weight loss? Or how you're going to lose weight?


Are you constantly setting the intention to lose weight, but noticing that you never really get to an end point where you're satisfied. You may be satisfied short term, but then you're right back to square one, or maybe even gained more weight? You then find yourself wondering where the hell the diet is that’s going to work? 


These types of patterns are just a preoccupation with dieting and weight loss. Your diet may be failing for this reason.


There's never any resolution with diets. There's never any end point. There's never any satisfaction or fulfillment around the food and the weight. It's a never ending cycle. And it's a constant up and down. Every single year. It's a new resolution, but there's no forward movement. Instead, there's sometimes backwards movement.


These things just distract you from the emotional work that needs to be done. You have to do the emotional work to determine why your diet might be failing you. 


We cover all of these in my course Emerge. Emerge is designed to help you shift your emotions and your identity. What better way to start the new year, then to actually start doing the deep inner work.


Ask yourself, where do you want to be in a year's time? Do you want to be setting the same resolution to finally change your habits? To change your weight? To change what you do around food? How do you experience food? And what happens to your weight? Or do you want to create permanent change?

This is what my course Emerge is all about. Emerge is now a self paced course. This gives you the opportunity to do the course at a lower cost investment.


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